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Return to Innsmouth (1999)

Aaron VanekDirector

26 mins | Estados Unidos

Basado en The Shadow over Innsmouth (1931, Literatura)

Return to Innsmouth (1999)

It is ctrazy to want to live forever?

Miskatonic graduate student Robert Olmstead confronts this question when he stumbles upon the ancient, evil-shrouded town of Innsmouth. The village is not on any map and the local's don't take kindly to strangers. But with Robert is different... he's kin. As he learns the town secret history. Robert discovers that the Innsmouth taint in his blood is a curse. A curse that is slowly transforming him into a montrous immortal slave beholden to ancient alien gods. Robert must soon take the ultimate decision as the past rises up to consume the present and change him... forever.

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Return to Innsmouth

Inglés, 1999
Corto, Mitos

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The Shadow over Innsmouth ●●
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