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A'Writhe: A Game of Eldritch Contortions 6 opinionesWizKidsAgo 20181
Arkham Horror - The Boardgame for Monster HuntersChaosium19872
Arkham InvestigatorAutoedición20131
Arkham Nights - A Lovecraftian Party Game 2 opinionesDann Kriss Games2016
Arkham Noir: Collector Case #2 – The King in Yellow 4 opinionesAutoediciónJul 20172
Building an Elder GodSignal Fire Studios20111
The Call of Cthulhu Bicycle Playing Card Deck 1 opinionesAlbino Dragon20121
The Cards of Cthulhu 1 opinionesDan Verssen Games20142
The Cards of Cthulhu - Beyond the Veil ExpansionDan Verssen Games20161
The Cats of UltharGilgamesh Games20192
Chaos of CthulhuImp House Game Company20151
Chez CthulhuSteve Jackson GamesFeb 20101
Creatures & Cultists: A Furiously Fuggly Card GamePagan Publishing19931
Cthulhu 500. Mythos Motorsports Madness! 11 opinionesAtlas GamesAgo 20042
Cthulhu DiceSteve Jackson GamesMar 20104.003
Cthulhu GloomAtlas GamesAgo 20112
Cthulhu Gloom - Unpleasant DreamsAtlas GamesNov 20121
Cthulhu in the HouseCMON Limited20161
Cthulhu RisingTwilight Creations Inc.Nov 20081
Cthulhu Tales. A Storytelling Game of the Cthulhu MythosCubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.Oct 20171
Cthulhu Wars 8 opinionesPetersen Games20153
Cthulhu!!! Hastur la vista, baby!Twilight Creations Inc.Mar 20141
Cthulhu's VaultJolly Roger Games20151
Cthulhu, The Great Old OneDann Kriss Games20141
Cthulhu: Rise of the CultsREDIMP GAMESOct 20171