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Chaosium Monograph

The Abbey - Resources for Cthulhu Dark AgesCHA#0303Feb 20044
The Big Book of Cults - Evil Cults for Call of CthulhuCHA#0316Jun 20053
The Bride of Halloween HorrorCHA#0364Oct 20084
Caligo Accedendum Tournament - An Adventure For Cthulhu Dark AgesCHA#0309Sep 20043
The Casting Call of CthulhuCHA#034520073
Children of the StormCHA#0394Jul 20103
Christmas in Kingsport - Five Tales For a Not-So-Silent NightCHA#0334Nov 20063
Colonial TerrorsCHA#0405Oct 20113
A Cthulhian MiscellanyCHA#034220072
Cthulhu Invictus - Cthulhu Roleplaying in Ancient RomeCHA#0301Ago 20044
Cthulhu Masters - Tournament 05CHA#0323Sep 20053
Cthulhu Rising 10 opinionesCHA#031120082
Dark Mirror - Cultists, Pariahs, Nihilists, Followers of the Dark Path, and Disciples of CthulhuCHA#0338May 20073
Dead Leaves Fall and Other Halloween AdventuresCHA#0406Oct 20113
The Dreaming PrinceCHA#0399Feb 20113
End Time - Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying At The World's EndCHA#0305Nov 20033
Extrico Tabula (aka Unraveling Borders)CHA#035420083
The Fellowship of the Witching HourCHA#0328Jul 20062
First Book of Things - Items, Spells & Creatures for Call of CthulhuCHA#0307Ago 20043
Five Go Mad in EgyptCHA#0381Sep 20094
Gatsby and the Great Race 6 opinionesCHA#0324Oct 20054
The Ghosts in the HouseCHA#0396Sep 20103
The Gods Hate MeCHA#0402Oct 20113
Halloween HorrorCHA#0326Nov 20053
Halloween Horror 2 - Eight Horrors for One Special NightCHA#0333Oct 20063
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Chaosium Monograph

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