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Children of the Storm

Experts predict that the want and suffering of the Great Depression will create "a generation of cannibals". Panicked people flee their homes to escape a devastating invasion and posin gas attack. Life comes to a standstill as people watch a strange dust descend from the sky.

The spread of the Great Depression and the first rumblings of a new World War cause a sense of angst and doubt to grow: fueled by rumors, media, and personal expectations that things will get even worse. Dust storms sweep across the continent, and newsreels show the collapse of Europe and Asia. Adults worry that the next generation will grow up to become criminals and barbarians.

No bad news sounds implausible, no crisis seems unbelievable.

0Introduction: the StormShae Davidson
1The Starving OnesShae Davidson
2To the Dust ReturnedShae Davidson
3Entr'acteShae Davidson
4The TractateShae Davidson
5Sample InvestigatorsShae Davidson

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Children of the Storm

Inglés, 76 págs.
Guía, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium (CHA0394), Jul 2010
ISBN: 9781568823409

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Children of the Storm 76 Chaosium 9781568823409
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