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The New Lovecraft Circle

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The New Lovecraft CircleDel Rey BooksAbr 2004

0Preface (to "The New Lovecraft Circle")Ramsey Campbell
1Introduction (to "The New Lovecraft Circle")Robert M. Price
2The Plain of Sound 1 opinionesRamsey Campbell5.50
3The Stone on the IslandRamsey Campbell
4The Statement of One John GibsonBrian Lumley
5DemoniacalDavid Sutton
6The Kiss of Bugg-ShashBrian Lumley
7The Slitherer from the SlimeLin Carter
8The Doom of YakthoobLin Carter
9The Fishers from OutsideLin Carter
10The Keeper of the FlameGary Myers
11Dead GiveawayJ. Vernon Shea
12Those Who WaitJames Wade
13The Keeper of Dark PointJohn Glasby
14The Black MirrorJohn Glasby
15I've Come to Talk with You AgainKarl Edward Wagner
16The Howler in the DarkRichard L. Tierney
17The Horror on the BeachAlan Dean Foster
18The WhisperersRichard A. Lupoff
19Lights! Camera! Shub-Niggurath!Richard A. Lupoff
20Saucers from YaddithRobert M. Price
21VastarienThomas Ligotti
22The Madness Out of SpacePeter Cannon
23Aliah WardenRoger Johnson
24The Last SupperDonald R. Burleson
25The Church at Garlock's BendDavid Kaufman
26The Spheres Beyond SoundStephen Mark Rainey

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The New Lovecraft Circle

Inglés, 371 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Fedogan & Bremer, 1996
ISBN: 187825216X

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The New Lovecraft Circle 371 Fedogan & Bremer 187825216X
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