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Robert Ervin Howard

Robert E. Howard fue una de las principales figuras de la revista Weird Tales durante la década de los 30, además de amigo y corresponsal de H. P. Lovecraft desde 1930.

I first became conscious of him as a coming leader just a decade ago—when (on a bench in Prospect Park, Brooklyn) I read Wolfshead. I had read his two previous short tales with pleasure, but without especially noting the author. Now—in ‘26—I saw that W.T. had landed a new big-timer of the CAS and EHP calibre. Nor was I ever disappointed in the zestful and vigorous newcomer. He made good—and how! Much as I admired him, I had no correspondence with him till 1930—for I was never a guy to butt in on people. In that year he read the reprint of my Rats in the Walls...

—HPL Selected Letters vol. 5

Las principales aportaciones de REH al corpus de los Mitos fueron: el tomo "Nameless Cults" de von Junzt, aparecido por vez primera en los relatos "The Children of the Night" (1931) y "The Black Stone" (1931) y "The People of the Monolith", obra del poeta loco Justin Geoffrey.

Lovecraft redactó esta breve biografía de Robert E. Howard (incluída en una carta a F. Lee Baldwin con fecha de 16 de febrero de 1935):

Hope you can get a good biography of Robert E. Howard. Wish I had time to delve into his voluminous letters & get some of the facts buried there, but at the moment I can give only a few points from memory. REH was born in Texas in 1906, of old Southwestern & Southern stock. The Howard line came from England to Georgia in 1735. The Ervin line has produced men of high standing & ability Confederate officers, planters, Texas pioneers. A large part of REH’s blood is Irish, & he takes great pride in his knowledge of Celtic history & antiquities. He lives with his parents in a village from which pioneer violence has not yet fully departed. His father is a physician of high standing, & great courage & resourcefulness, who once fought a knife duel with one hand tied behind his back. REH is a typical primitive throwback in emotions—idealising barbaric & pioneer life. He hated school—yet loved books so much that he used to force open a window of the school library in the summer, when it was closed, in order to take & return things he wanted to read. He is today a really profound authority—on Southwestern history & folklore—as well as on ancient history. He began to write stories very young, but takes very little pride in them—saying he’d rather be a good prize-fighter than a good novelist. Being brought up in a rough town, he came to accept rough ways as a matter of course. He has been through dozens of fights, with & without weapons, & has served as an amateur boxer. I think he was once connected in some way with a travelling carnival. I judge he was rather a roving character in his teens—away from home a good deal. He says he feels most at home among rough workmen, & has passionately strong sympathies for the under-dog despite a personally aristocratic ancestry. He is very bitter & cynical in temperament—but kindly & sympathetic at the same time. Extremely brave & conscientious. At one time during his teens he worked at a drug store soda fountain. He has seen a good deal of the rough life of oil boom towns, & hotly resents the way large eastern corporations exploit Texas. When he says his life is ‘tame & uneventful’, he is thinking only of Western standards. Actually, he sees a vast amount of violence. He sympathises greatly with outlaws, & is really a fanatic on the subject of alleged police persecutions—unjust arrests, 3d degree, &c. His fetishes are strength, civility, justice, & freedom. Everything civilised, soft, effeminate, or orderly he hates with astonishing venom. In ancient history he detests Rome as strongly as I revere it. He travels occasionally in Texas & the S. W.—has seen the Carlsbad Caverns & sometimes spends the winter in San Antonio. Has never been east of New Orleans. First stories published in W.T. in 1925 or 6. A poet of savagely great power. So fond of his Celtic heritage that he has Gaelicised his middle name Ervin into Eiarbihan—as the fanatics in Ireland nowadays Gaelicise theirs. Tastes in literature somewhat uneven—despises all modern subtlety & likes books about simple characters & violent events. Would rather be a Celtic barbarian of 100 or 200 B. C. than a civilised modern. I’d show you some of his letters if he hadn’t asked me not to let anybody see them. es una excelente web con todas las obras de Robert E. Howard (ediciones, año de publicación, portadas originales... )

Black Eons (junto a Robert M. Price)2001Escritor
The Spell of Damballah?1987Escritor
Dagon Manor (junto a C.J. Henderson)?1986Escritor
All Hallows Eve?1986Escritor
Voices in the Night1977Escritor
The Shadow of the Beast19776.00Escritor
The Door of the World1977Escritor
The Dwellers Under the Tomb?1976Escritor
The Abbey?1975Escritor
Spectres in the Dark?1974Escritor
Serpent Vines1974Escritor
The Black Bear Bites?1974Escritor
Casonetto's Last Song?1973Escritor
Marchers of Valhalla1972Escritor
The House in the Oaks 1 opiniones (junto a August Derleth)?19716.00Escritor
The Noseless Horror?1970Escritor
The Little People1970Escritor
The Hoofed Thing1970Escritor
A Song of the Race1969Escritor
Restless Waters?1969Escritor
Men of the Shadows?1969Escritor
The Ghost in the Doorway?1969Escritor
Foreword (to "Worms of the Earth")1969Escritor
Delenda Est1968Escritor
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20-01-2017 11:04

4184 mensajes
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Siempre me ha llamado la atención la biografía del círculo lovecraftiano. Gracias.

Por cierto, creo que la obra de Howard ya está libre de derechos.

JonathanStrange Bibliotecario
01-07-2019 21:27

1980 mensajes
↕ 2 años ↕

¿Alguien sabe si hay algún companion o similar dedicado a Howard, algo del estilo "Enciclopedia de los Mitos de Cthulhu" o "Enciclopedia completa de H. P. Lovecraft"? :-/ Zankiús.

Entropía Bibliotecario
01-07-2019 21:44

15037 mensajes
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↕ 17 minutos ↕

Me parece que no, en Dark Valley Destiny aparecen unos capítulos sobre ciertos estilos de su obra, pero no más. A ver si me equivoco y otro leyendero conoce mejor el tema.



01-07-2019 23:16

1479 mensajes
↕ 1 hora ↕

Mirando a groso modo a golpe de google he encontrado esto en Amazon. Pero no parece contener todas las obras sobre los mitos de Robert E. Howard

Entropía Bibliotecario
02-07-2019 08:29

15037 mensajes
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↕ 9 horas ↕

Pero el amigo del Sr. Norrell no se refiere a eso, creo, sino a algo tipo enciclopedia de términos "howardianos". Hay una wikipedia de Conan, pero no se limita a cosas de REH.



Neddam Bibliotecario
02-07-2019 10:46

17160 mensajes
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↕ 2 horas ↕

Antologías con sus relatos si que hay unas cuantas, pero me imagino que lo que pides es demasiado específico, no sé si Howard tiene tanta chicha como para que pudiera cundir una enciclopedia de su trabajo.

Entropía Bibliotecario
02-07-2019 11:07

15037 mensajes
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↕ 20 minutos ↕

Sobre todo, que no era tan conexo como el de HPL. REH tenía relatos de fantasía, de boxeo, de pseudoshistoria...



JonathanStrange Bibliotecario
02-07-2019 11:53

1980 mensajes
↕ 45 minutos ↕

De Howard tengo los Collected Works de Delphi Classics que debe tenerlo (casi) todo. Trasteando he encontrado este enlace y The Robert E. Howard Guide, pero nada en la onda de lo que indica Entro; a lo máximo de Conan.

Mi interés es al hilo de toda la polémica de Open Cthulhu, al indicarse que Raiders of R'lyeh había apostado por la obra de Howard y que quizás por eso también se había escapado.

PD: ¿Yo amigo del Sr. Norrell? Pues sería al final...


Entropía Bibliotecario
02-07-2019 12:00

15037 mensajes
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↕ 7 minutos ↕
Tal como dijo JonathanStrange aquí:

PD: ¿Yo amigo del Sr. Norrell? Pues sería al final...

Ni idea, no me lo he leído. Demasiado largo.



JonathanStrange Bibliotecario
02-07-2019 12:04

1980 mensajes
↕ 3 minutos ↕
Tal como dijo Entropía aquí:

Ni idea, no me lo he leído. Demasiado largo.

Exagerao. Si son 796 páginas de nada...

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Robert E. Howard

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