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Future/Perfect, Part 2 (2018)

Dennis DetwillerEscritor
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"Future/Perfect, Part 2" is a scenario for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. It can be played as a stand-alone scenario, but it is optimized to follow Future/Perfect, Part 1.

Chester, Ohio, is a quiet corner of small-town America. It is most famous for three things: the triskelion-shaped Chester Mounds, build by prehistoric Native Americans; Arthur Hunt, a technological innovator of the early 20th century; and the Ohio River Killer, whose gruesome rampage claimed at least four lives a few years ago before his bizarre death a few years ago.

Delta Green's agents may find terrible connections between those disparate strands of history.

Delta Green: Future/Perfect - A Four Part Campaign for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game 4 opinionesArc Dream PublishingOct 2019
Delta Green: Future/Perfect, Part 2Arc Dream PublishingAbr 2018

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Future/Perfect, Part 2
Inglés, 2018
Escenario, Delta Green

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