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The Sevenfold Path

Ilustración interior del monográfico "The Sevenfold Path" (Chaosium, 2011)

This campaign, unlike my prior work "The Primal State", is rather monolithic. "The Sevenfold Path" is one very long scenario set entirely in Classic-era Iceland (...) plus a “Mysteries” style sourcebook. "Turn to Stone" can be played by itself, but the rest builds upon it. If you want to call this book “Mysteries of Iceland” plus a mid-sized campaign, I won‟t argue the point. If a detailed sourcebook plus a discrete adventure path that should take upwards of 40 hours to play is not what you are looking for, then this may not be for you.

Monográfico MULA (Miskatonic University Library Association). Escrito por Jeff Moeller, autor del monográfico "The Primal State" (2007).

Incluye una pequeña guía de Islandia de 22 páginas que consta de tres apartados:

0Author's Introduction and NotesJeff Moeller
1The Big Picture of the CampaignJeff Moeller
2A Classic-era Icelandic Sourcebook (or Mysteries of Iceland?)Jeff Moeller
3Turn To StoneJeff Moeller
4Higher Than TruthJeff Moeller
5Desire Made ManifestJeff Moeller
6YggdrasilJeff Moeller
7Twilight Time (or, One Step Back For Two Steps Forward)Jeff Moeller

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The Sevenfold Path

Inglés, 140 págs.
Campaña, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Chaosium Monograph (CHA#0403), 2011
ISBN: 9781568823591

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The Sevenfold Path 140 Chaosium Monograph 9781568823591
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