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Heroes of Red Hook

Heroes of Red Hook is a collection of eighteen cosmic horror tales taking place during the Jazz Era with a very specific focus. Our heroes and heroines are the outsiders who are most often blamed (wrongly so) for the actions of various alien horrors of the mythos. Our heroes and heroines are members of ethnic and religious minorities, immigrants, independent free thinking women, those with special needs, and members of the LGBT community. This collection features people struggling to overcome not only the horrors beyond mankind’s understanding, but an oppressive society seeking to deny them basic human rights.

0Cover for "Heroes of Red Hook"Ian MacLean
1A True Telling of the Terror that Came to Red HookWilliam Meikle
2Ivan and the Hurting DollMercedes M. Yardley
3A Gentleman of DarknessW.H. Pugmire
4Hungry GhostsCody Goodfellow
5Tell Me No LiesSam Stone
6O Friend and Companion of NightVincent Kovar
7Across a River of StarsScott R. Jones
8Old Time ReligionPaula R. Stiles
9Men and WomenÓscar Ríos
10The Eye of InfinitySam Gafford
11Lords of KarmaGlynn Owen Barrass, Juliana Quartaroli
12A Ghastly Detestable PallorPenelope Love
13Crossing the LineTom Lynch
14The Guilt of Nikki CottonPete Rawlik
15Brickwalk MolliesChristine Morgan
16The Backwards ManTim Waggoner
17Beyond the Black ArcadeEdward M. Erdelac
18Shadows Upon the MatanzasLee Clark Zumpe

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Heroes of Red Hook

Inglés, 257 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Golden Goblin Press (GGP1602), Sep 2016
ISBN: 9780989560375

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Heroes of Red Hook 257 Golden Goblin Press 9780989560375
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