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Visions from Brichester

This companion volume to the complete PS Publishing edition of The Inhabitant of the Lake and Other Unwelcome Tenants collects all of Ramsey Campbell’s remaining Lovecraftian stories that are of less than novel length. It begins with the first tale Campbell wrote immediately after that first Arkham House book, and comes up to date with the novella The Last Revelation of Gla’aki, his recent return to his own Lovecraftian territory, where he rediscovers Lovecraft’s first principles and strips away the accretions of the mythos that developed after Lovecraft’s death.

The book includes the first publication anywhere of the first drafts of “Cold Print” and “The Franklyn Paragraphs”, and offers the bonus of “Mushrooms from Merseyside”, all his Lovecraftian tales inhumanly transmuted into limericks. The book also collects his Lovecraftian non-fiction, not least his transcription of an English correspondent’s letters to Lovecraft and a close reading of three Lovecraft tales.

Like the companion volume, this book is superbly illustrated by Randy Broecker in the great tradition of Weird Tales.

0Cover for "Visons from Brichester"Randy Broecker
1Illustrations for "Visions from Brichester"Randy Broecker
2The Stone on the IslandRamsey Campbell
3Before the StormRamsey Campbell
4Cold Print 1 opinionesRamsey Campbell6.33
5The Franklyn ParagraphsRamsey Campbell
6A Madness from the Vaults?Ramsey Campbell
7Among the Pictures Are TheseRamsey Campbell
8The TuggingRamsey Campbell7.67
9The Faces at Pine DunesRamsey Campbell6.67
10Blacked OutRamsey Campbell
11The Voice of the BeachRamsey Campbell
12The Horror under WarrendownRamsey Campbell
13The Other NamesRamsey Campbell
14The Correspondence of Cameron Thaddeus NashRamsey Campbell5.00
15The Last Revelation of Gla'akiRamsey Campbell
16The Successor (First draft of Cold Print)Ramsey Campbell
17The Franklyn Paragraphs (First draft)Ramsey Campbell
18Mushrooms from Merseyside?Ramsey Campbell
19Two Poems by Edward Pickman Derby?Ramsey Campbell
20The Horror in the Crystal (Story fragment)?Ramsey Campbell
21Rusty Links?Ramsey Campbell
22Lovecraft in RetrospectRamsey Campbell
23On Four Lovecraft TalesRamsey Campbell
24Afterword (to "Visions from Brichester")?Ramsey Campbell

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Visions from Brichester

Inglés, 367 págs.
Antología propia, Dedicado
PS Publishing, Ago 2015
ISBN: 9781848639225

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Visions from Brichester 367 PS Publishing 9781848639225
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