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The Book of Cthulhu II

0Introduction (to "The Book of Cthulhu II")Ross E. Lockhart
1Shoggoth's Old Peculiar 2 opinionesNeil Gaiman5.50
2Nor the Demons Down Under the Sea (1957) 2 opinionesCaitlín R. Kiernan4.00
3This is How the World Ends 1 opinionesJohn R. Fultz4.00
4The Drowning at Lake Henpin 1 opinionesPaul Tobin6.00
5The Ocean and All Its Devices 1 opinionesWiliam Spencer6.00
6Take Your Daughters to Work 1 opinionesLivia Llewellyn4.00
7The Big FishKim Newman7.00
8Rapture of the Deep 1 opinionesCody Goodfellow5.00
9Once More, from the Top 1 opinionesAdam Scott Glancy6.00
10The Hour of the Tortoise 7 opinionesMolly Tanzer7.00
11I Only Am Escaped Alone to Tell Thee 1 opinionesChristopher Reynaga5.00
12Objects from the Gilman-Waite Collection 2 opinionesAnn K. Schwader6.00
13Of Melei, of Ulthar 1 opinionesGord Sellar6.00
14A Gentleman from Mexico 1 opinionesMark Samuels6.00
15The Hands That Reek and Smoke 1 opinionesW.H. Pugmire2.00
16Akropolis 2 opinionesMatt Wallace0.00
17Boojum 2 opinionesElizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette7.00
18The Nyarlathotep Event 6 opinionesJonathan Wood2.00
19The Black Brat of Dunwich 3 opinionesStanley C. Sargent5.00
20The Terror from the Depths 4 opinionesFritz Leiber7.00
21Black Hill 1 opinionesOrrin Grey6.00
22The God of Dark Laughter 1 opinionesMichael Chabon6.50
23Sticks 5 opinionesKarl Edward Wagner7.00
24Hand of Glory 1 opinionesLaird Barron7.00

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Pues leída la antología decir que quizá tenga menos nivel que el primer volumen,aunque tiene también algún relato brillante.

Gorgo Héroe Bibliotecario
27-11-2016 21:59

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Si quieres, aquí tienes más de lo mismo.

"From Ross E. Lockhart, the editor who brought you The Book of Cthulhu..."

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The Book of Cthulhu II

Inglés, 440 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Night Shade Books, Oct 2012
ISBN: 9781597804356

6.00, 2 dueños

Opiniones (2)
The Book of Cthulhu II 440 Night Shade Books 9781597804356
6.00 10 0 2
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