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The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces

0Foreword to ("The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces")August Derleth
1The Shuttered Room 4 opinionesAugust Derleth, H.P. Lovecraft5.67
2The Fisherman of Falcon PointAugust Derleth, H.P. Lovecraft6.00
3Editor's Note (Juvenilia and Early Tales)?August Derleth
4The Little Glass BottleH.P. Lovecraft5.33
5The Secret CaveH.P. Lovecraft5.33
6The Mystery of the Grave-yardH.P. Lovecraft5.50
7The Mysterious ShipH.P. Lovecraft5.50
8The AlchemistH.P. Lovecraft5.00
9Poetry and the GodsAnna Helen Crofts, H.P. Lovecraft
10The StreetH.P. Lovecraft3.50
11Old BugsH.P. Lovecraft5.50
12Idealism and Materialism: A ReflectionH.P. Lovecraft7.00
13The Notes and Commonplace Book?H.P. Lovecraft
14Lovecraft in ProvidenceDonald Wandrei
15Lovecraft as MentorAugust Derleth
16Out of the Ivory Tower?Robert Bloch
17Three Hours with H.P.LovecraftDorothy C. Walter
18Memories of a FriendshipAlfred Galpin
19Homepage to H.P. Lovecraft?Felix Stefanile
20Lines to H. P. Lovecraft?Joseph Payne Brennan
21H.P.L.Clark Ashton Smith
22RevenantsAugust Derleth
23H.P.L.Robert H. Barlow
24Anniversary?Robert H. Barlow
25Letter for Last Christmas?Robert H. Barlow
26H. P. Lovecraft: The BooksLin Carter
27H. P. Lovecraft: The GodsLin Carter
28Addendum: Some Observations on the Carter Glossary?T. G. L. Cockcroft
29Notes on the Cthulhu Mythos?George T. Wetzel
30Lovecraft's First Book?William L. Crawford
31Dagon 4 opinionesH.P. Lovecraft6.83
32The Strange High House in the MistH.P. Lovecraft5.50
33The OutsiderH.P. Lovecraft9.00

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The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces

Inglés, 313 págs.
Antología colectiva, Dedicado
Arkham House, 1959

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The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces 313 Arkham House
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