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Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

0Cover Art ("Dagon and Other Macabre Tales")Lee Brown Coye
1Dagon 4 opinionesH.P. Lovecraft6.83
2The TombH.P. Lovecraft7.00
3PolarisH.P. Lovecraft7.67
4Beyond the Wall of Sleep 2 opinionesH.P. Lovecraft6.00
5The Doom that came to SarnathH.P. Lovecraft7.50
6The White ShipH.P. Lovecraft6.00
7Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His FamilyH.P. Lovecraft7.00
8The Cats of Ulthar 5 opinionesH.P. Lovecraft6.00
9CelephaïsH.P. Lovecraft7.00
10From BeyondH.P. Lovecraft6.50
11The TempleH.P. Lovecraft7.75
12The TreeH.P. Lovecraft5.00
13The Moon-BogH.P. Lovecraft6.00
14The Nameless City 1 opinionesH.P. Lovecraft8.33
15The Other GodsH.P. Lovecraft8.00
16The Quest of IranonH.P. Lovecraft6.00
17Herbert West – ReanimatorH.P. Lovecraft7.00
18The HoundH.P. Lovecraft6.50
19HypnosH.P. Lovecraft5.00
20The Lurking FearH.P. Lovecraft7.00
21The FestivalH.P. Lovecraft7.67
22The UnnamableH.P. Lovecraft8.00
23Under the Pyramids 21 opinionesH.P. Lovecraft
24HeH.P. Lovecraft5.50
25The Horror at Red HookH.P. Lovecraft6.50
26The Strange High House in the MistH.P. Lovecraft5.50
27In the Walls of EryxH.P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Sterling
28The Evil ClergymanH.P. Lovecraft6.00
29The Beast in the CaveH.P. Lovecraft5.50
30The AlchemistH.P. Lovecraft5.00
31Poetry and the GodsAnna Helen Crofts, H.P. Lovecraft
32The StreetH.P. Lovecraft3.50
33The Transition of Juan RomeroH.P. Lovecraft6.00
34AzathothH.P. Lovecraft5.00
35The DescendantH.P. Lovecraft6.00
36The BookH.P. Lovecraft6.00
37The Thing in the MoonlightJack Chapman Miske, H.P. Lovecraft7.00
38Supernatural Horror in Literature 7 opinionesH.P. Lovecraft7.00

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Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

Inglés, 413 págs.
Antología propia, Puntual
Arkham House, 1965

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Dagon and Other Macabre Tales 413 Arkham House
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