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Lovecraft Playing Cards #2: Innsmouth French Deck

Baraja francesa de póker de temática lovecraftiana financiada mediante la campaña de mecenazgo Innsmouth, the lost games.

The original poker deck from the Innsmouth Lost Games.

"These cards show that they preserved the popular hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs suits, more widespread among the local population by visitors from nearby villages such as Ipswich, although they dedicated the court cards to Cultists, Flying monsters and beloved monsters."

The deck is also divided into day and night sections, as can be seen in the original designs.

It’s part of the Lovecraft Playing Cards collection, a limited edition, printed in high quality professional card paper, 320gsm with linen finish.

Court cards are dedicated to cultists (J), flying monsters (Q) and great races (K), such as Cthulhu, Yithians, Elder Things and Shoggoths.

Each deck is sealed in cellophane wrapping and presented in a heavy card stock tuck box.

Cthulhu Project

0Lovecraft Playing Cards #2: Innsmouth French DeckAlberto Cano, Robert Altbauer

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Lovecraft Playing Cards #2: Innsmouth French Deck

Inglés, 56 págs.
Básico, Arkham Horror
Cthulhu Project, 2017

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Lovecraft Playing Cards #2: Innsmouth French Deck 56 Cthulhu Project
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