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Necronomicon Bicycle Playing Cards

Baraja de póker lovecraftiana con el sello Bicycle.

From the Creators of THE GRID Bicycle® deck comes NECRONOMICON. A 56 playing card deck. Printed by the USPCC on Premium BEE paper stock

The NECRONOMICON, roughly translated, The Book of the Dead. Forged from the mind of H.P. Lovecraft and just a piece in a series of literature known as the MYTHOS. 4PM DESIGNS has delved into the darkness for a unique deck design. While among the dead, this deck has resurrected the Great Old Ones and their knowledge has possessed these 56 cards to bring you MYTHOS: NECRONOMICON.

MYTHOS: NECRONOMICON, Bicycle® Playing Cards - Kickstarter

0Necronomicon Bicycle Playing Cards

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Gorgo Héroe Bibliotecario
30-04-2021 09:52

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Necronomicon Bicycle Playing Cards

Inglés, 56 págs.
Básico, Otros
4PM Designs, 2013

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Necronomicon Bicycle Playing Cards 56 4PM Designs
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