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After Lovecraft: The Cold Case of Robert Suydam

Ten years ago, the sinister forces at work in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood coalesced in the events described in the short story: "The Horror at Red Hook." The abductions, child sacrifices, and public downfall of the previously reclusive and well-respected Robert Suydam were big news at the time, but a decade later those demonic events are nearly forgotten. Only two living people know what really happened that night in Red Hook when devils and demons walked the Earth--an agoraphobic retired police detective named Malone and a very special young girl who wasn't even born when the events took place.

H. P. Lovecraft's imagination has terrified and entertained millions since his stories were first published nearly a century ago. As the inspiration for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game, Lovecraft's work has inspired countless hours of game play for investigators and Keepers around the world. Few of those adventures have directly engaged Lovecraft's stories themselves, but those that have offer an extra thrill--a bit of majesty borrowed from the master. The After Lovecraft line of adventures seeks to offer players and Keepers scenarios that directly build upon Lovecraft's tales, where the investigators themselves read Lovecraft's stories in game, as part of the adventure itself.

After Lovecraft: The Cold Case of Robert Suydam contains everything a Call of Cthulhu group needs for a few evenings of Mythos-inspired fun, including pre-generated characters and the entire text of Lovecraft's short story "The Horror at Red Hook." It is the latest in the innovative line of officially licensed Call of Cthulhu scenarios and supplements from Super Genius Games.

0The Cold Case of Robert SuydamRick Dakan
1The Horror at Red HookH.P. Lovecraft6.50

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After Lovecraft: The Cold Case of Robert Suydam

Inglés, 77 págs.
Escenarios, La Llamada de Cthulhu
Super Genius Games (OWC4005), 2009
ISBN: 9780981987477

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After Lovecraft: The Cold Case of Robert Suydam 77 Super Genius Games 9780981987477
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