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Delta Green: Future/Perfect, Part 4

Versión revisada para Delta Green: Need to Know (quick-start rules) (2016) o Delta Green: Agent's Handbook (2016) de Arc Dream Publishing.

From Death Valley to the Ohio serpent mounds to a cultish industrial plant, the Agents have pursued the secrets of long-dead inventor Arthur Hunt and his legacy of unnatural power and danger. Now they face the ultimate revelations. A culture all but extinct, fallen before humanity learned to record its history, struggles to rise and conquer from the distant past. And a force beyond space-time itself looks on, turning the Agents' desperate struggles and sacrifices to its own inconceivable ends. If the Agents survive, it may only be to see a world changed and traumatized even more drastically than themselves.

0Future/Perfect, Part 4Dennis Detwiller

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Delta Green: Future/Perfect, Part 4

Inglés, 26 págs.
Escenarios, Delta Green
Arc Dream Publishing, Oct 2019

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Delta Green: Future/Perfect, Part 4 26 Arc Dream Publishing
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