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Delta Green: Future/Perfect, Part 3

Versión revisada para Delta Green: Need to Know (quick-start rules) (2016) o Delta Green: Agent's Handbook (2016) de Arc Dream Publishing.

Duxbury, Pennsylvania, is shrouded in secrets. For decades, it has been virtually a company town, run by a subsidiary of Hunt Electronics, Inc. Hunt Electronics came to Delta Green's attention in deadly encounters in Death Valley (Future/Perfect, Part 1) and amid the Ohio serpent mounds (Future/Perfect, Part 2). Now the Agents must look deeper into Hunt Electronics' most secretive and suspicious project.

It lurks in the depths of Duxbury, where the whole town enthusiastically supports its largest employer, and the employees work with the dedication that comes only with a mission that's larger than any of them. Arthur Hunt is long dead, but it seems his dream to change the face of the Earth is alive and well.

0Future/Perfect, Part 3Dennis Detwiller

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Delta Green: Future/Perfect, Part 3

Inglés, 29 págs.
Escenarios, Delta Green
Arc Dream Publishing, Oct 2019

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Delta Green: Future/Perfect, Part 3 29 Arc Dream Publishing
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