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The Cult, dice game

Un sencillo juego de dados para dos jugadores cuyas partidas rondarán los 10 minutos, consiste en colocar a nuestros sectarios en el mini-tablero hasta que consigamos situar al Sumo Sacerdote para invocar al gran Cthulhu.

Los dados del juego "The Cult" (2017) de Cthulhu Project.

A well known game in Innsmouth’s taverns and homes was “The Cult”. This is an agile dice game where players must complete the cult by placing the leader cultist in the temple to invoke the great Cthulhu.

The cult usually lasted 10 minutes, as it used to be played before approaching the coast at dusk. We played with 3 dice of symbols: the moon to represent the night, the talon that represented the favor of the Deep Ones, the Eye that allowed us to see beyond our dimension and the Blood of sacrifices.

We will roll 3 dice in each turn, and we’ll try to gain a series of abilities that will make it easier for us to place our cultists on the board. The first player to place the cultist leader will be the winner of the game.

Cthulhu Project

Innsmouth, the lost games

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The Cult, dice game

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