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Cthulhu Tales #11

LEVERAGE writer Christine Boylan reveals what the elder gods are up to…in the future! Roger (MUPPETS SHOW, FRED THE CLOWN) Langridge gives you a "sweet" double-page spread! Also: "Incorporation", the story of what happens when Cthulhu worshippers invade a multinational corporation at the highest level. If you thought Enron was bad…

0Cthulhu Tales #11 Cover ACharles Belak-Berger
1Cthulhu Tales #11 Cover BChris Crank
2IncorporationW. Chew Chan, Christopher Sequeira6.00
3The InventionMilton Sobreiro, Christine Boylan5.00
4Selections From H. P. Lovecraft's Brief Tenure As A... Chocolate Sampler CopywriterRoger Langridge, Luke Burns
5Where am I? (Part 2)Michael Alan Nelson, Aritz Eiguren Aldanondo

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Cthulhu Tales #11

Inglés, 24 págs.
Cómic, Dedicado
Boom! Studios, Feb 2009

5.00, sin dueños
Cthulhu Tales #11 24 Boom! Studios
5.00 10 0 0
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