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Rise of Cthulhu - Dark Secrets Expansion

Una expansión para el juego Rise of Cthulhu (2015).

New Monsters, Artifacts, and Old Ones arise for you to call upon in this Expansion to Rise of Cthulhu.

Dark Secrets adds all new Monsters, Artifacts, and Old Ones for players to use in their shadowy path to victory. In addition, the Expansion introduces a brand new mechanic: the Investigator. These “would-be heroes” set out to hunt down rumors of your corrupting influence and seek to stop you from awakening the Old Ones. When they appear, they force both you and your opponent to deal with the threat they bring, lest they halt the coming of the age of madness you seek to unleash.

In addition, Dark Secrets gives players a helpful player aid card to keep track of the various card combinations the base game offers.

0Rise of Cthulhu: Dark Secrets ExpansionChuck D. Yager

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Rise of Cthulhu - Dark Secrets Expansion

Inglés, 1 págs.
Ampliación, Otros
Dragon King Games, 2016

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Rise of Cthulhu - Dark Secrets Expansion 1 Dragon King Games
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