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Marginalia es el término general para designar las notas, glosas y comentarios editoriales hechos en el margen de un libro.

0Cover Art ("Marginalia")Virgil Finlay
1Foreword (Marginalia)August Derleth, Donald Wandrei
2Under the Pyramids 21 opinionesH.P. Lovecraft
3Medusa's CoilZealia Bishop, H.P. Lovecraft6.50
4Winged DeathHazel Heald, H.P. Lovecraft4.67
5The Man of StoneHazel Heald, H.P. Lovecraft4.67
6Drawings for Charleston LetterH.P. Lovecraft
7Notes on Writing Weird FictionH.P. Lovecraft7.00
8Lord Dunsany and His WorkH.P. Lovecraft
9Heritage or Modernism: Common Sense in Art FormsH.P. Lovecraft
10Some Backgrounds of FairylandH.P. Lovecraft
11Some Causes of Self-ImmolationH.P. Lovecraft
12A Guide to Charleston, South CarolinaH.P. Lovecraft
13Observations on Several Parts of North AmericaH.P. Lovecraft
14The Beast in the CaveH.P. Lovecraft5.50
15Drawing of Lovecraft's BirthplaceH.P. Lovecraft
16Lovecraft's Plan of ArkhamH.P. Lovecraft
17The Transition of Juan RomeroH.P. Lovecraft6.00
18AzathothH.P. Lovecraft5.00
19The BookH.P. Lovecraft6.00
20The DescendantH.P. Lovecraft6.00
21The Very Old FolkH.P. Lovecraft6.50
22The Thing in the MoonlightJack Chapman Miske, H.P. Lovecraft7.00
23Two CommentsH.P. Lovecraft
24His Own Most Fantastic Creation: Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Gent.Winfield Townley Scott
25Pickman's ModelH.P. Lovecraft
26Some Random Memories of H.P.L.Frank Belknap Long
27H. P. Lovecraft: An AppreciationThomas Olive Mabbott
28The Wind That Is in the Grass: A Memoir of H. P. Lovecraft in FloridaRobert H. Barlow8.00
29Lovecraft and ScienceKenneth Sterling
30Lovecraft as a Formative InfluenceAugust Derleth
31The Dweller in Darkness: Lovecraft, 1927Donald Wandrei
32To Howard Phillips LovecraftClark Ashton Smith
33H.P.L.Henry Kuttner
34Lost DreamEmil Petaja
35To Howard Phillips LovecraftHenry George Weiss
36H. P. LovecraftFrank Belknap Long
37Elegy: In Providence the Spring...August Derleth
38For the Outsider: H.P. LovecraftCharles E. White
39In Memoriam: H. P. LovecraftRichard Ely Morse

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Inglés, 378 págs.
Antología colectiva, Puntual
Arkham House, 1944

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Marginalia 378 Arkham House
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