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Joseph Nanni

"I discovered HPL as a boy - I was a boy, Lovecraft was already dead. The library was my second home (I know what you're thinking - "NNNNERD") I would head over to the Sci-Fi section, which at the time was were they put everything they weren't sure about, and I would just stare at the HPL covers trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at. But I didn't read any of it until I was 13. Two years later I saw Re-Animator and there was no turning back. I read everything I could and rented anything remotely Lovecraftian - not excluding Goonies or including Porky's. Good times."_LNN Interviews Joseph Nanni from The Casting Call of Cthulhu

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Black Goat?20115.00Director
Casting Call of Cthulhu20086.00Director
Elder Sign2009Director
Gilman Gin2020Director
HP Lovecraft Insurance2015Director
The Necronomicon20096.00Director

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Joseph Nanni

Canadá, Varón
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