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The Yellow Sign (2001)

John TynesGuionista (cine)
Aaron VanekGuionista (cine)
Aaron VanekDirector
Shawna WaldronActriz

45 mins | imdb

Basado en The Yellow Sign (1895, Literatura).

A young art gallery owner, Tess Reardon (played by Little Giants star Shawna Waldron), is looking for new talent to spark life into her failing business. Haunted by nightmares, she discovers that an artist she dreamt about, Aubrey Scott, actually exists, and she seeks him out. The eccentric painter agrees to a showing of his art, but only if Tess will model for his new work. She grudgingly agrees and begins to regress into a past life from a parallel world, and that everything is not at all as it seems.


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The Yellow Sign

Inglés, 2001
Película, Adaptación

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