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Madness of the Black Opal (2006)

David HaddinEscritor

The adventure confronts our heroes as they reside in a small Australian city on the southern coast named Adelaide. Rumors of cattle and native wild life acting bizarrely have filtered into the city from the remote central mining town of Cooper Peady.

A live black angus (cow) has been transported to the Adelaide Plain University veterinary science unit for further exanimation. Rumors of its abnormal behavior have the surfaced in a little respected tabloid paper Outback Oddities (specializes in mystics and the paranormal). The rag is treated among polite society with contempt and absurdity.

Strange Tales of Dread and Wonder #2Chaosium MonographJul 2006

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Madness of the Black Opal

Inglés, 2006
Escenario, La Llamada de Cthulhu

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