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Cryo Chamber

Cryo Chamber is a global Dark Ambient Record Label with it's home in Oregon, USA.

Run by Simon Heath of cult projects Atrium Carceri/Sabled Sun we focus on cinematic soundscapes of the highest quality. This due to the philosophy of sound design that our artists use.

Our works are often featured in films, games and art installations and are described as dark soundtracks for creatives. We portray distant worlds, dusty cathedrals, damp forests. We field record in ghost towns, abandoned subway tunnels and on dwindling mountain paths.

Our aim is to transform your room into another place in time and space.

Cryo Chamber Collaboration - AzathothCRYO 024Oct 20151
Cryo Chamber Collaboration - CthulhuCRYO 009Sep 20141
Cryo Chamber Collaboration - HasturCRYO 136Dic 20191
Cryo Chamber Collaboration - NyarlathotepCRYO 046Sep 20168.001
Cryo Chamber Collaboration - Shub-NiggurathCRYO 108Dic 20181
Cryo Chamber Collaboration - YigCRYO 154Dic 20201
Cryo Chamber Collaboration - Yog-SothothCRYO 084Nov 20171

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Cryo Chamber

EE.UU., Oregon
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